Nick van den Berg eliminates Team Europe

Nick Van Den Berg

At the German Open 2005, Nick van den Berg lost to Fabio Petroni in the first round, after he which he made an impressive run, consisting of 10 back to back wins to clinch the title. In the process, he eliminated former Mosconi Cup teammates Ralf Souquet, Mika Immonen and in the finals, Marcus Chamat. The final was a nailbiter, as the format, alternate break in a race to 9 saw Nick trailing 2-5, after which he fought back to double hill and won it on Marcus' break.

Nick was eager to perform well, after the European Championships, where he did not win any medals, even though he did manage to upset the crowds by running 8-and-out and 7-and-out at 8-ball. "Yeah, I played well. The final racks were great, I hope I get to see the footage afterwards".

Van den Berg pocketed 6500 USD for first prize, while Chamat had to settle for 4000 USD.

There is one more Eurotour in Austria next month, before the top players can prepare for the world champioships.

1 Nick van den Berg 6500
2 Marcus Chamat 4000
3 Vilmos Foldes, Jorn Kaplan 2600
5 Thomasz Kaplan, Daryl Peach, Konstantin Zolotilov, Thomas Engert 1500
8 Thorsten Hohmann, Alex Lely, Andreas Roschkowsy, Fabio Petroni, Sacha Tege, Jakob Belka, Ralf Souquet, Andreja Klasovic 1300

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics By Hoppe