Nick van den Berg wins Rotterdam Open 2004

Nick van den Berg

Nick “El Nino” van den Berg was crowned Rotterdam Open Champion in the Netherlands on Sunday Night, after beating Oliver Ortmann in the finals, of the 26,000 dollar guaranteed tourney. The score: 11-3.

The field of players included the likes of Thomas Engert, Niels Feijen, Fabio Petroni, Alex Lely, Christian Reimering, Sandor Tot, and many of the top European Players.

Ortmann looked sure of recapturing the title, showing excellent form against Reimering in the quarter finals (11-5) and Niels Feijen (11-5).

But it was the young and very confident Nick van den Berg who smashed Oliver's chances. After trailing 0-2, Nick ran and ran out to lead 7-2. A poor safety by Oliver in the next rack allowed Nick to go to 10-2. His former Mosconi Cup team captain took one more rack before Nick put him out of his misery: 11-3

Niels Feijen won the battle for third place against Serbian Goran Mladenovic in a hill hill match (9-8).

Nick van den Berg pocketed 7,800 dollars for his win, with Ortmann settling for half.

1st Nick van den Berg 7,800 USD
2nd Oliver Ortmann 3,900 USD
3rd Niels Feijen 1,950 USD
4th Goran Mladenovic 1,300 USD
5th/8th Christian Reimering, Sascha Trauttmann, Kevin Becker, Huidjie See 650 USD

Photo courtesy of Matchroom Sport