Niels Feijen: “All 5 of us will be strong”

Just a few days left until the start of the Partypoker Mosconi Cup 2013, and it's time to release the last few answers to our Mosconi Cup Quiz by all of the 10 selected players.

Today, we unveil World Pool Masters 2013 Champion answers: Niels Feijen

1 - Describe the MC in ONE word:



2 - What's your favorite MC moment?

2011, when I ran the final rack. Then I made the 9-ball and Darren tackled me!


3 - What's your least favorite MC moment?

The humiliation of Bethnal Green... 2001. 12-1 for the USA.


4 - Who do you think will be the strongest player on your team?

All five of us!


5 - Who do you think will be the weakest link in the opposite team?



6 - Tell us what the final score will be?

11-8 for Europe