Nikolaidis Wins Extreme Pool Championship

Nick Nikolaidis defeated Tom Rossman in the Extreme Trick Shot Championship finals on Thursday 21st of August, 2008.  This artistic competition included 2 flights of 5 players, in a Round Robin format.  Each player had 3 attempts per shot, earning 1 point for each successful make.  Players alternated selecting shots, at 10 shots per player.

Players featured
Mike Massey
Andy Segal
Tom Rossman
Nick Nikolaidis
Stefano Pelinga
Bruce Barthelette
Sal Conti
Matt MacPhail
Charles Darling
Dave Nangle

Flights of 5 Players.
Round Robin Format
Lag for choice of first shot.
Players alternate selecting shots – 10 shots per player.
Three attempts per shot, 1 point for a successful make on any attempt.
Players may select any shot
Top 3 players (each group) will advance into playoffs.

Nick's Results Round Robin
Once a player is mathematically eliminated the match is over
Match 1 -  vs Charlie Darling    10 – 4 (5 shots remaining)
Match 2 – vs Stefano Pelinga       9 – 3 (4 shots remaining)
Match 3 -  vs Tom Rossman     12 – 10 (1 shot remaining)
Match 4 – vs Sal Conti                14 – 8 (5 shots remaining)

Nick's Results Playoffs
Stefano Pelinga advances over Bruce Barthelette & Tom Rossman advances over Mike Massey
Nick Nikolaidis advances over Stefano Pelinga & Tom Rossman advances over Andy Segal
Nick Nikolaidis over Tom Rossman in the finals 10 – 7 (2 shots remaining)

Comment by Nick Nikolaidis
Once in a while a player just knows how they will perform before they even strike 1 ball. This event belonged to me the moment I stepped foot on the plane over to Vegas. Going undefeated in 6 matches over a string of players like those I faced is seemingly impossible!

I would like to thank my sponsors for supporting me and believing in my skills and experience. Without them this victory would have been that much more difficult.
Cuetec Cues
Championship Billiard Cloth
Canada Billiard
Nick's Quick Tricks

I would also like to thank the APA for all their hard word in organizing this event. I look forward in returning to Vegas to defend this prestigious title.

Last but definitely not least, I would like to thank my wife Eva and our 8 month old daughter Dana for their unrivaled support and encouragement. I love you both!