Nomar Paula wins marathon Fury Amateur Tour Stop

Jim Sandaler (left) 2nd place winner and Nomar Paula (right) 1st place winner

For Bankshot Billiards in Ocala, Fl., July 25, 2004 proved to be a long day with 54 players participating in the one day $500 added event, which was tour Stop #12 on the 2004 Fury Amateur 9-Ball Tour. Tour owner/promoter Kay Higgins of Kings Bay Promotions along with Karen Alford, who was there training for tournament director, was on hand for the event to watch as the players battled in one of the strongest amateur fields this season with the top four places not getting underway till after 10 pm.

Mike Kohn, owner of Bankshot Billiards, got in on the action by playing in the event against some of the top tour players. Mike's 3rd match of the event was against last week's champion Bobby Moore. It was a tight match with the score showing a 2-2 tie till Bobby took the table bringing the score to 6-3, Mike was in stroke when he fought back sending Bobby to the one loss side in a 7-6 victory. Mike's next match against Nomar Paula was filled with excitement when Mike had the lead at one point 5-4. Mike managed to get one more game in before Nomar took control, sending Mike to the one loss side in a 7-6 victory.

While Mike and Nomar battled it out on the winner's side, also was battling Jim Sandaler and tour point's leader Larry Walthall. Jim took the lead at 4 games to 1 when Larry proved he was a worthy opponent as he and Jim fought through to gain 4 more games. Jim's playing was steady and he took back the table to send Larry to the west side with a 7-5 win.

When Mike Kohn was sent to the loser side he met up with Steve Foster from Gainesville, Fl., who put Mike out of the tournament in a 5-1 victory leaving Mike in 5th/6th place. Also playing on the one loss side for the 5th/6th place was Bobby Moore and Larry Walthall. Bobby Moore was determined to make a comeback when he knocked Larry out of the tournament with a 5-0 win and went on to win against Steve Foster at 5-4.

Bobby Moore and Jim Sandaler met next to determine 3rd place. Both players were exhausted from the long day but their playing ability really showed through with many safeties and good shooting. But the final score showed that Jim Sandaler was still on his game when he won with a 5-3 victory.

Nomar Paula and Jim Sandaler battled it out in the race to 9 final match. Nomar took the lead with 6-3 but Jim fought back bringing the score 6-4. The games went on with Nomar still in the lead at 7-5 while Jim still keeping at Nomar's heels. The final victory went to Nomar Paula in a 9-6 victory to take this event first place spot.

Kings Bay Promotions would like to thank Bankshot Billiards in Ocala, Florida for hosting this event. Bankshot Billiards is owned by Mike and Linda Kohn and have been in business for 10 years. The room is set up in tournament style with partitions placed around areas for separation of spectators and players. They are equipped with 17- 9' tables, 1-8' table, full pro shop, cue lathe for on site cue repairs, and pool table sales and service. This is a smoking establishment installed with 7 smoke eaters to keep the smoke cleared out.

Complete Results:
1st Nomar Paula $550 2nd Jim Sandaler $320 3rd Bobby Moore $220 4th Steve Foster $140 5th/6th Mike Kohn, Larry Walthall $75 each 7th/8th Julio Aquino, Pat Butler $60 each 9th/12th Richard Murray, Wayne Hutter, Marty Linzy, Brent Preston $40 each