North American Open Day Two

Danny Basavich

Day two of the North American Open Tour event at The Hilton Pittsburgh got underway with no real upsets to speak of yet.

The bad weather between New York and Pittsburgh got the best of a couple players who were expected to compete, as both Keith McCready and Ryan McCreesh did not make it to Pittsburgh for the event.

The usual suspects advanced into round two with marquee matches scheduled on Monday between Johnny Archer and Troy Frank, Charlie Williams and Thorsten Hohmann, Tony Robles and Jeff White, Rodney Morris and Robb Saez as well as Charlie Bryant and Shawn Putnam.

2004 Reno Open Champion Danny Basavich is in attendance with his feature article in Sports Illustrated. The story is being billed as one of the best stories about a pool player in a non-billiards national magazine in years. Basavich is also answering questions from fans right here in the AzBilliards forums. Danny promises more surprises later in the week.

Diana Hoppe is also in attendance and we will have a photo gallery from her online later in the day.

Brackets are online and updated with all of the action from day one.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics By Hoppe