North American Representatives at World Championship

With the release last week by Matchroom Sport of the new criteria for World 9-Ball Championship player selection, the sports now has a much more clear cut view of who is and who is not invited to the touranment from North America.

Based on the guidelines used by Golf for the Masters, the new World Championship criteria and North American players qualifying look like this...

Category 1:Previous five winners of the World 9-Ball Championship
Alex Pagulayan, Earl Strickland

Category 3: Final 16 from last year's World 9-Ball Championship
Johnny Archer

Category 4:Winner and runner-up from each UPA event with a field of 48 or more players from the last 12 months ending on May 15th
Jeremy Jones, Santos Sambajon, Mike Davis, John Schmidt, Corey Deuel, Danny Basavich, Shawn Putnam, Charlie Williams, Fabio Petroni

Category 5:Winner and runner-up from the US Open and BCA Open
Gabe Owen, Tony Robles

Category 6:Top four finishers from 2004 Canadian National 9-Ball Championship
Alain Martel, Erik Hjorleifson, Luc Salvas, Jeff White

Category 7:Top 12 ranked North American players on the UPA Seeding rankings as of May 15th
Rodney Morris, Charlie Bryant

Category 8
Team USA members from the last three Mosconi Cups
Nick Varner

Using this criteria, this would be the unofficial North American players list for this year and last year's players list as a comparison.

2004 2005
Tim Hall Jeremy Jones
Corey Harper Santos Sambajon
Earl Strickland Earl Strickland
Tony Crosby John Schmidt
Johnny Archer Johnny Archer
Charlie Williams Charlie Williams
Steve Lillis Corey Deuel
Danny Basavich Danny Basavich
Mike Davis Mike Davis
Danny Harriman Shawn Putnam
Rodney Morris Rodney Morris
Max Eberle Fabio Petroni
Luc Salvas Luc Salvas
Chris Orme Alain Martel
Alex Pagulayan Alex Pagulayan
Cliff Thorburn Erik Hjorleifson
Al Logan Jeff White
  Gabe Owen
  Tony Robles
  Charlie Bryant
  Nick Varner

Please note that the players qualifying through point list guidelines are the only players from that level. (If qualifying players do not accept the invitation, the next lowest ranked player does not get the invite.)

These player lists are completely unofficial and only based on the announced criteria. Official player invitations are expected to be released in mid May.