Not Just a Pretty Face!

Phoebe Choy

Las Vegas Hilton, March 7 & 8, 2003
Phoebe Choy is making a habit of winning big tournaments. The winner of the last Hawaiian Brian's $10,000.00 Aloha Open ($3,500) did it again at the Las Vegas Hilton going undefeated in the $33,000.00 All Hawaii 9-Ball Tournament. She won eight matches in a row to claim the $7,000.00 1st place prize. In a double elimination, handicapped 9-ball format and a field of 128 players, Phoebe spotted her last five male opponents the 8 ball and went on to defeat Wade Takemoto from Kauai in the championship match 4 to 0. Wade pocketed $4,000.00 for his 2nd place finish.

Phoebe recently returned from Arizona and New Mexico, competing in three WPBA qualifier tournaments. The winner of these tournaments wins entry into a Women's Professional Billiard Association Tournament. She finished second in her first event then won two in a row. She plans to play in the WPBA San Diego Classic event held March 26-30 and the Billiard Congress of America Open 9-Ball Championship May 11-17 at the Riviera in Las Vegas.

Complete Payouts:
1st: $7,000 Phoebe Choy
2nd: $4,000 Wade Takemoto
3rd: $2,500 Lance Gurtiza
4th: $1,500 Mel Kakugawa
5th/6th: $1,200 Todd Young, Brandon Kakugawa
7th/8th: $1,000 Lane Sato, Robert Maru
9th/12th: $700 Dennis Peralta, Brandon Harima, Norman Banister, Mark Lee
13th/16th: $500 Pat Ishii, Arthur Ross, Buster Uyehara, Ron Daniels
17th/24th: $350 Frenchie Baptiste, Nghia Ky, Jack Shizuru, Lara Won, Raymond Tendo, Daniel Lani, Mike Lau, Steven Hirata
25th/32nd: $250 Wilson Cleveland, Fred Regal, Alison Antenorcruz, Ty Nagata, Duy Ho, Francis Ahern, Preston Koike, John Choi
33rd/48th: $150 Ken Laridzabal, Dawn Daido, Desiree Shoma, Aaron Agustin, Del Kakugawa, Robert Hong, Kalei Pizzaro, Matt Kato, Tina Inoue, Gary Ching, Todd Hada, Stacey Yamada, Ivan Lopez, Chris Young, Neil Watanabe, Rudy Cabana
49th/64th: $100 Darryl Shoma, Wendall Bayes, Lorrin Beers, Tila Tauala, Chad Yano, Kristy Talaro, Mrs Sakanishi, Doreena Olivas, Stewart Tsumoto, KK Kim, Kurt Kobayashi, Stacey Kawakami, Jordan Beers, Wayne Hirakawa, Brian Uyeda, Peter Clark,