NOVA BCA provides playground for pro and amateur poolplayers

In a pool hall named after "Fast" Eddie Felson from the film classic The Hustler, a new group of professional and amateur poolplayers have created a scene unlike any other in the region.

Introducing NOVA BCA.

In this room — just as on the silver screen — jokes, jabs and fun intermingle seamlessly with serious pool action. The recreational league has been endorsed by a wide variety of patrons, from a national champion to amateurs who want to improve their pool game. Some jump at the thrill of trying something new for $10, or partaking in the recession-busting "five meals under $5” specials.

NOVA BCA is the Northern Virginia franchise of BCA Pool League, a Las Vegas NV membership organization that adds 60,000 members annually. National BCA participants include the biggest names in the sport: Johnny Archer, Shane Van Boening and many others. NOVA BCA currently plays on Wednesday evenings at Fast Eddie's Sports & Billiards in Fairfax, VA. Singles tournaments began October 7, 2009, with interest and participation growing steadily towards the addition of team-based play on January 13, 2010.

So how does NOVA BCA work?

All members are placed on a 10-player roster and given a 10 to 18 week schedule (called a "session"). There are three sessions each year, each crowning a championship team. A round robin style tournament decides a grand championship team to advance directly to Las Vegas for the BCA National Championships.

Each Wednesday, five players shoot a "league match" with the rest free to enter a singles tournament. In a league match, each player shoots one rack of balls against each of the five opposing players —  feels a little like speed dating. In the tournament, players shoot a "race" that's a mix of 8Ball and 9Ball racks. All results count towards the team's score and individuals' ranking in The Century Club, the top 100 poolplayers in Northern Virginia (

NOVA BCA Orientation for team-based play is scheduled for January 6, 2010. Other player recruiting events are posted weekly on Twitter ( and at their official website ( NOVA BCA is currently offering free membership and weekly play to those who sign up a team ( Ongoing expansion talks include venues in Washington D.C. as well as Arlington, Alexandria, Loudoun, and Prince William counties.

The ownership group is led by entrepreneur and marketer Eric S. Townsend, and restauranteur Brian S. Cheung. NOVA BCA benefits from the support of Fast Eddie's GM Todd Laferriere and endorsements from local pool favorites and professionals — national champion Brandon Shuff, WPBA's Sueyen Rhee, Anthony D'Amico, and Michael "Joey" Ryan. For more information, visit NOVA BCA at their official website ( and Twitter page (

NOVA BCA / attn: Eric S. Townsend / (202) 494-4326 /
Fast Eddie's Fairfax / 9687 Fairfax Boulevard / Fairfax VA 22032 / (703) 385-7529 /