NYC 9-Ball Invitational Announced

Skyline Billiards in Brooklyn New York has announced the First Annual NYC 9-Ball Invitational.

This $3000 added event is limited to 64 players of which 56 are invited. The other 8 spots will be filled by players who win qualifiers at Skyline.

First place is estimated at $3,500 with the top 16 players being paid.

Top players invited include Tony Robles, Frankie Hernandez, George San Souci, Joey Korsiak, Danny Basavich, Karen Corr, Julie Kelly, Jennifer Barretta, Gerda Hofstatter, Evan Broxmeyer, Santos Sambajon, Allen Hopkins, Keith McCready, Joe Tucker, Ryan McCreesh and Mike Davis.

Interested players can contact Tour Director William Finnegan at 917-232-5069 or to find out more details.