Welcomes Simonis Cloth, CueSports International, and as sponsors of their 2009 US Open Coverage

NYC Grind is very proud to announce their sponsors for their coverage of the 2009 US Open 9-ball Championships.  The US Open is one of the most anticipated professional billiards events in the world, and they are very happy to have the support of Simonis Cloth, CSI - Cue Sports International, and

Throughout the week of the US Open, NYC Grind will be sharing their unique player perspective on this prestigious event in their 360-degree coverage.  This will include written coverage, photography, and a daily video breakdown of the tournament highlights, along with player interviews.

To help make this dynamic coverage possible, NYC Grind is happy to have a dynamic group of sponsors, including some of the most trusted names in the sport of pool, along with breakthrough video and music distributors.

Simonis Cloth has been the gold standard in billiard cloth for generations, and Iwan Simonis continues to be a leader in the billiards industry.  Not only is their standard of quality high, but Simonis is also taking steps to be make their manufacturing process have a lower impact on the environment.  Visit their website, to read about how Simonis is becoming "greener" in more ways than one.

“We have found "NYCgrind caught my attention over the last year through their unique and creative presentation of our sport," stated Ivan Lee, President of Iwan Simonis Incorporated, and current Billiard Congress of America Board Chairman.

"Simonis continually seeks avenues to present pool to current and future audiences in increasingly interesting and engaging ways, and I like how Jerry T and the NYCgrind team are using their creativity to showcase the coolness and broad appeal of billiards while creating a conduit to allow people in this technological age to reconnect with our great sport."

Also joining in support of NYC Grind's coverage is Cue Sports International (CSI).  With a combined history of 200+ years of experience in the pool & billiards industry, CSI plays an intrinsic role in the billiard landscape, as they are parent company to the BCA Pool League, and the National Championship Series (NCS), and are overall leaders in breaking new ground for pool.

CSI has also recently launched its Team CSI American Grand Masters, which is a collective of top American players including Corey Deuel, Charlie Bryant, Earl Strickland, and John Schmidt.  The overall goal of Team CSI is to bring about more education and awareness about the sport of pool, including exhibitions and pool schools, which is very much in alignment with NYC Grind's goal of bringing new eyes to the sport.

"NYC Grind's cutting edge and pursuit of bringing pool and billiards to a broader audience compliments CSI's goals of creating positive opportunities for all players and the industry," says Holly Ryan of CSI, "I look forward to seeing the video coverage of Team CSI at this year's U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship by the creative group at NYC Grind. They have a rock and roll energy to their visual style."

In addition to sponsors within the industry, NYC Grind has also teamed up with the innovative video platform Klickable, which makes any online video an interactive experience for the viewer.  Klickable, which is used by companies such as Rocawear and the Rachael Ray show, brings the viewer into the video through interactive links that are directly related to the people and things you see in the video.

Having the ability to interact with a the content and learn more about the players and the sport of pool is the benefit that NYC Grind believes it's viewers will receive by utilizing Klickable. "I love what Jerry T and the team are doing for the sport of pool and I'm excited to see them using Klickable TV's interactive video platform to better tell the story behind the cast of characters in the game," says Roger Wu of  "With our technology and the colorful storylines in pool, fans will be able to gain a greater connection with their favorite players and understand the dedication and sacrifice of their journey."

Outside of pool, NYC Grind also focuses on independent music and art, which like pool, has an underground following, and does not usually get recognized by the mainstream.  So, in support of NYC Grind's mission to bring these two forms of expression together to create a new synergy, independent music & film platform has also joined them a sponsor of their coverage of the US Open.  ONErpm's mission is to create a greater connection between music & film creators and their fans, through a unique, customizable online platform that allows members to interact and share with one another.

Right now, NYC Grind's promo video for the US Open is being featured on the homepage.  "Jerry T and NYC Grind continue to keep it real. That's why we're excited to have their videos on, a distribution and publishing platform for underground innovative music and film. Check 'em out at," says Immanuel Zunz, Founder of

Join us on our journey through the week of the The 34th Annual US Open 9-ball Championships, which is sponsored by Diamond Billiards, The Delta-13 Rack, Iwan Simonis Cloth, Aramith Balls, and Accu-Stats Video Production, along with Q-Master Billiards.