Official IPT North American Open Championship Player Groupings Announced

The IPT is proud to announce the player groupings for the IPT "North American Open 8-Ball Championship." The methodology for determining the groups was complex. All of the Hall of Fame members were placed in separate groups; female players were placed into separate groups; all of the players who qualified through the qualification tournament system were placed into separate groups (since there are 50 qualifiers and 40 groups, some groups have two qualified players); finally, a number of the top players, historically, were placed into separate groups. All of the placed players were placed randomly into their respective groups.

Click here to view the official player groupings!

Once the tournament starts, there is a predetermined format that dictates which players advance to which brackets in future rounds. The official tournament format will be announced shortly and will include the bracket population flow chart. Please refer to the IPT Web Site for Official Rules and tournament formats.

If you can't make it to the North American Open in person, you can follow the action on line at