Official NACPBA Press Release

We at the NACPBA are saddened and deeply disappointed to announce the canceling of the multi-million-dollar tour we were planning. The decision in fact was not made BY us rather FOR us. The financial backers feel that the environment of professional pool/billiards in the United States of America is not conducive to the sizable investment they were talking about. Using the pool community as a test bed and marketing arena for their product would cost too much money to “fix” the environment. They have found other “venues and commodities” for this.

Through our research, conversations, investigations and negotiations we have learned a great deal about the inner workings of the sport and industry. There is a great deal of work that needs to be done to make the professional pool/billiard community a viable entity to work with corporations and investors alike.

It is time for some hard decisions to be made. Those decisions lay first and foremost with the players and their organizations. The players need to decide whether the organizations that represent them are the ones they want and whether they are ran the way they want them. If they are not then either change them or replace them. If they are then you need to rally around them and become an asset not a liability. You can not leave this decision up to others to make. These organizations should be yours and should serve your needs first and foremost. These organizations should listen to the players and work hard to meet their needs fully. There should be a committee deciding things not one person.

The leading organizations in this country need to really listen to the players and help them get what they want and need. If you feel you can't lead the sport completely with total confidence then be open to handing that responsibility to people who can and will do it with integrity, honesty and morality. There needs to be a group to mold the sport into what is needed to make it an attractive commodity. The future is up to you.

For any further information please use this contact information;

Terry Hamill

Kevin Lewis