Olhausen Brothers Win Nashville Urban Adventure Race

Larry Olhausen, Colby Olhausen, Kris Larson

For over three decades now Olhausen brothers Butch and Donny have been known for their success at manufacturing high quality pool tables made in the USA. Now, two other Olhausen brothers are also making a name for themselves not only within the family company but also in Urban Adventure Racing! This past month Larry and Colby Olhausen, sons of Olhausen Billiards CEO Donny Olhausen won first place along with Olhausen shipper Kris Larson in the Nashville Half-Oyster Urban Adventure Race. Both brother's who grew up in California are avid runners, they both work full time in the Olhausen Billiards sales department and travel throughout North America visiting and educating dealers on the vast Olhausen product line.
The Nashville Urban Adventure Race website explains… “the race is the same idea as a wilderness eco challenge/Amazing Race, but set in the city and it is completed in one day. First, the race is a secret - hence the “adventure” part of the name. Two mandatory disciplines are utilized during the race: running and biking. There are additional disciplines that each team may come across in the race, this could include: rafting, urban trekking, climbing, skating, navigation, using public transportation, and some surprises. Surprises in the past have included riding a roller coaster, eating a bug, pouring the perfect pint, and swimming in an exhibit at the Aquarium.”
Next up for one the brothers will be the December 5th North Face Endurance Challenge in San Francisco. Larry will be attempting the 10k trek in the visually stunning Marin Headlands just north of the city.