One More Shot at A $20 Gold Crown V!

In case you missed the first opportunity, Brunswick and Robin Dodson are teaming up again to offer yet another GCV, including delivery and installation anywhere in the continuous 48 states, for only $20. This is a raffle, but only 500 tickets will be sold, so the odds are pretty darned good!  The winning number will be pulled during the BCAPL Nationals in Las Vegas next month. You need not be present to win. To get your ticket just go to

This is a great chance to own a brand new Gold Crown for just pocket change. But it is also an opportunity to help out the less fortunate and do a good deed. Robin Dodson uses 10% of the proceeds from these raffles to help out needy families in her area. Brunswick Billiards fully buys in to the concept. As Rob Sheets, VP of International Sales for Brunswick states: "As a person, Robin is a true champion. Not just in billiards but in life. She is a shining example of someone who can overcome adversity by leaning on a higher moral authority. I respect that."

Mr. Sheets added: "Many of Brunswick management and staff have followed Robin throughout her career. We are proud of her accomplishments and are genuinely pleased to support her through her promotional efforts in the sport of billiards."

Robin has been doing this raffle for 8 years now and has developed some fond memories of the experience. She tells us: "A few years ago a lady bought a raffle ticket in Vegas, she just thought my raffle girl was very nice….she was there supporting her husband and had no real love for pool. They had gone home, her ticket was pulled. When I called the husband answered the phone…he had no knowledge of any Raffle. She overheard him on the phone and yelled: “I bought a Raffle ticket” He was so floored…he said it was his Dream Table!!"  

Robin relates one more story: "Another year….strange; but I watched this happen- This guy “Ken” walked past my booth all week and said “no, not yet” over and over. Then he came to my booth and said “now, its time now” and bought his ticket. Well a few days went by and it was time to draw the ticket….yep….he was right!!! He won the Table….can you believe that…it still trips me out." Finally, Robin says: What I love about this Raffle, if you win the Brunswick Gold Crown V…you don't have to worry about how you're going to get it home. You don't have to think about how much it is going to cost to have it set up. The only thing you have to do is reach in your pocket and peel off a $20 dollar bill. And if you win…WOW what a great Table!!!

Be a part of this great cause. Throw a single $20 to the wind and see what blows back your way! Go to and get on board with us today. Someone, and we want it to be an AZ'er, is going to have a very nice day in May.