Oneida Wins Predator Challenge Match

Mika Immonen, Thorsten Hohmann, Mike Davis and Charlie Williams

Charlie Williams, Thorsten Hohmann, and Mike Davis put on a great show for the fans at End Rail Billiards in Oneida,NY. First the three pros and three special VIP fans were treated to a fantastic home cooked Italian meal at End Rail Billiards owner Justin Ackers home, by the owner's mother. The three touring pros then headed to the poolroom and took on challenges from fans as well as playing every young kid during the event. In the RingGame event, the team of Mike Davis and Jimmy Johnson prevailed. The trio then performed trickshots and played each other a series of challenges.

Davis trailed Hohmann 0-2 in the Bank Pool. Hohmann had 4 balls and Davis 0 balls in the last game, when Davis made a great comeback to win. Then he won the next 2 games to upset Hohmann 3-2 for the Bank Pool bragging rights.

Hohmann had a chance to redeem himself against Williams in the 9Ball Challenge. Both players traded break and runs in the first 4 racks at 2-2. Then Hohmann took advantage of a dry break from Williams and went onto take 4-2 lead. Williams tied it at 4-4 for the last game , but Hohmann broke and ran the final rack to win 5-4. Mika Immonen popped in as an unexpected guest and joined in the autographs and pictures that were given and taken with every fan that night.

The real winner of the evening were the fans of Oneida who will have a lifetime of great memories of the four world class players who took time out to stop at End Rail Billiards.

"Simonis is pleased to be a part of these exhibition challenges. These players are world class on and off the table and Simonis will always lend its support." Ivan Lee, President Simonis Cloth.

Thanks to Predator, Simonis, and Justin Acker for bringing in this great event.

Photo courtesy of Ann-Marie Sheple.y