Oney goes undefeated on Dishaw Cues CNY Tour

Willie Oney defeated Hendrik Drost twice to finish an undefeated day on the Dishaw Cues Central New York Tour stop on Saturday, February 26. The $300-added event drew 14 entrants to Shooters Billiards in Fulton, NY.

Oney got into the hot seat after first sending Dwight Dixon west 8-4 from among the winners' side final four. Drost, in the meantime, was sending Jack Priebe over 7-3. Oney gained the hot seat 8-4, and waited for Drost to get back from the semifinals.

Dixon moved over to pick up Robert Boom, who'd defeated Jeremy Leander 7-3 and Jed Jecen 7-2. Priebe drew Jason Reese, who'd gotten by Terry Bulman 7-4 and Joshua Cook 7-5. It was Dixon and Priebe advancing to the quarterfinals; Dixon with a 7-3 victory over Boom and Priebe advancing 7-3, as well. Dixon took a commanding lead in the quarterfinals, eventually allowing Priebe only a single rack, before moving on to face Drost in the semifinals.

Drost and Dixon then locked up in the only double hill match among the event's final 12 players. Drost prevailed, however, and got his second chance against Oney. In spite of the wait, and Drost's momentum from a double hill victory in the semifinals, Oney commanded the final match 8-3 to take the top prize.

Tour Director, Gary Lloyd, Jr., thanks Dishaw Cues, Cue Shark, Brian's One Day Cleaners, Pipe Works Plumbing, Total Pool Info, Custom Logo USA, and AZ Billiards for their sponsorship of the event.