Open Letter from Barry Behrman

Hello everyone,

I am excited to announce more great changes for the 2010 U.S. Open 9-ball Championships!

As usual, VIP seats will go on sale beginning April 1st, 2010-April 7th, 2010 for those who purchased their seats during the first week of April in 2009.  Beginning April 8th, 2010 VIP seats will go on sale to the general public. Please be sure to get your seat as I do not want you to miss this exciting week.

Player entry fees are back to $500.00 with $50,000.00 guaranteed added to the prize fund in addition to any sanction fees, as they will not be deducted from the prize fund.  For the first time, player ‘s may pay their entry fee beginning August 1st,2010 as I understand that it is tough out there during theses trying financial times and there is no reason to pay 6 months in advance.  2 ½ months works for me and I hope that it helps each of you.  Please remember that there is a $50 late fee after October 10th, 2010 as my daughter personally makes each item required for you to participate in the tournament as well as to enter the ballroom, as we approach the tournament she may require additional help and time with any last minute player entries.

As I stated recently, every player will be paid fully in cash before leaving town.  Please remember that the player's meeting is Saturday, October 16th at 6 p.m.  Play will begin October 17th as 11 a.m. and the finals will take place on Saturday, October 23rd at 7 p.m.

Lastly, I am excited to announce that Mark Griffin and myself are working together to have an amateur event Wednesday-Saturday in the Marriott ballroom during the week of the Open.  We are both equally excited and a press release will be coming soon from Mark and the B.C. A. Pool League with details of this event.   As you can see, we have an exciting week planned and I cannot wait for it to begin.  I am pumped up already.

My daughter Shannon and I hope to see you at the 35th Annual U.S. Open.  Hopefully, the B.C.A. hall of Fame inductions will want to continue hosting their event in conjunction with the U.S. Open.  We will know soon.

Best of health to you all,
Barry, Shannon & Buddy