Open Weert 9-Ball Tourney Underway

Ralf Souquet will try to keep his strong 2008 going

The 9th Annual Open Weert Nine-Ball Tournament is underway in The Netherlands at the House of Billiards Weert with a field of over 200 players. During this past week, many of the top players qualified for the final sixty-four, which will be played on Sunday in a single elimination race for the title. Included in the elite are Ralf Souquet, Niels Feijen, Oliver Ortmann, Imran Majid, Marcus Chamat, Nick Van Den Berg, Thomas Engert, Huidji See, Fabio Petroni, Alex Lely, and many more.

Before the Sunday single elimination event can get rolling, Saturday presents an entertaining challenge match between Ralph Souquet and Niels Feijen who we anticipate will compete against each other in front of a packed arena. The two will play ten ball, with races to twelve in a winner take all $2500 match.

Results from the challenge match and the main tournament will follow soon. Additional details and results can also be found on