Orietta Strickland Was In The House

Orietta Strickland, Mindy Cohen, and Amanda Lampert

OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour held their last 2009 tour stop, the Championship Stop, November 21st-22nd at Legend's Billiards in League City, TX.  Mindy Cohen runs a great place and it is always a popular and exciting stop for our players, fans and pool supporters galore.  Many, many thanks to Mindy, Rachel, and Crystal for taking care of us all weekend and you can be guaranteed that we will be back.  Your awesome hospitality and smiles are a welcome for everyone and if you've never been to Legend's, you've got to stop by…you won't regret it.

Before we started the tournament, we had several tour awards to give out.  One is the 2009 OB Cues Ladies Tour Champion and the other our Most Improved Player award.  It was the Year of the Lisa's.  Both winners, who regularly attend our events, are from Little Rock, Arkansas and we extend our sincerest congratulations to Lisa Marr, 2009 OB Cues Ladies Tour Champion, and Lisa Henderson-Major as our 2009 Most Improved Player.  Lisa Marr was our 2008 Tour Champion and she easily repeated her winning style this year as well.  Both ladies are very tough and well deserving of these accomplishments.  Major Kudos to you both!!!!

As the tournament began on Saturday, 49 players were anxious to get their game on and take on any challengers.  We had many surprises this event as we welcomed back Samm “Cherry Bomb” Diep from Colorado.  Also in the neighborhood was Ming Ng who recently moved to the Houston area from the Northeast.  And speaking of the Northeast, Leslie Anne “She just won't go away” Rogers graced us with her presence.  Leslie Anne, former 4-time tour champion, was a fun surprise for many of the players and it seemed like old times since she left the states for Japan several years ago.

As the Main Event commenced, there were many strong matches right out of the shoot and there were some early favorites who found themselves on the left side of the bracket sooner than they wanted.  But at the end of the day, 8 players would return on Sunday to continue the battle.  From the winner's side it would be Most Improved Player Lisa Henderson-Major vs. Orietta Strickland and Dallas favorites Amanda Lampert vs. Tara Williams.  On the B-side, Julie Comitini vs. Terry Petrosino and Jennifer Kraber vs. Leslie Anne Rogers.  

On Sunday, Orietta Strickland, sponsored by The Billiard Den and Bert Kinister's, Tight Pockets Video Productions, was on a winning mission and was taking no prisoners.  For the hot seat match, it was Amanda “The Natural” Lampert vs. Orietta and at first it was looking like Amanda who was ahead 5-3 was going take the hot seat.  But then, as we all know how the cue balls roll, Orietta made it a tied ballgame 5-5 and finished it out 7-5 to wait for her finals contender.  Amanda was not done yet and wanted a rematch.  After soundly defeating Board Member Tara Williams, 7-1, Amanda beckoned for Orietta to bring it on again.  Unfortunately for Amanda, she was sitting most of the finals match as Orietta kept control of the match with some superb play, finishing off the set at 7-1.  Congratulations to Orietta for her first tour win of 2009!  An awesome win and nice finish for the end of the tour year!

OB Cues Ladies Tour information can be found at www.obcuestour.com

Good Pool, Good Friends, Good Times

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, we would like to give special thanks to all of our sponsors, fan, players, supporters, friends, everyone!!!   Thank You.  We appreciate you all so much.  See you in 2010.