Ortmann & Company at the Predator 70th World Tournament

Clifton, New Jersey-  Oliver Ortmann will be one of three Europeans this week who will be chasing a third World Championship Gold. With Ortmann's 100-74 win over Max Eberle, he comes within one step closer. This week 48 players worldwide are vying for the Predator World Tournament title in straight pool. This is the 70th edition of the event, making it the world's oldest tournament.
Thorsten Hohmann and Mika Immonen are the only other two Europeans who have two world titles already. No European in the world has three World Championships in their repertoire as of yet.

This week could change that.

Hohmann has won the World 9-Ball and the World Tournament of 14.1 before, while Immonen has a World 9-Ball and World 10-Ball title (both rotation pool games). Ortmann has a World 9-Ball and the World Tournament of 14.1 Both Hohmann and Immonen also won their respective first matches on Day 1.
Stephan Cohen of France is the defending champion and could make history as the first player in Europe to ever win back to back World Championship in 14.1 . Dutch players Nick Van Den Berg and Huidji See will look to improve on their past Bronze and Silver medal finishes at the World Tournament.

Brackets will be hosted by www.azbilliards.com and live streaming of the event at www.accu-stats.com

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