Ortmann leads German sweep in Euro 9-Ball division

Oliver Ortmann

It was a clean sweep for Germany in the 9-ball division of the 2003 European Championship as Oliver Ortmann defended his title in the men's division and fellow German Sandra Ortner won the Ladies division.

Ortmann was undefeated in the event, including wins over Konstantin Stepanov and Nick van den Berg. Hungarian Vilmos Foldes took Ortmann to the hill in the semi-finals before Ortmann pulled out the victory, and the finals were all Ortmann as he scored a 9-3 win over Alexander Markut from Austia.

Sandra Ortner, who had won the ladies 14.1 division earlier in the tournament, was also undefeated in the 9-ball division. Her tournament included a hill-hill win over Karolina Stawarz from Poland, a 7-4 win over Valentina Romeo from Italy and a 7-2 win over 8-ball division winner Charlotte Sörensen from Denmark. The finals in the ladies division was even more lopsided than the men's, with Ortner cruising to a 7-1 win over Louise Furberg from Sweden.