Ortmann wins German Open

Oliver Ortmann

German former World Champion Oliver Ortmann ruled the Dynamic German Open 2004, the 2nd tour-stop of the new Diamond 9 series staged in the billiard-cafe “Die Drei” in Sindelfingen. In the finals of a 177-players from 25 different nations strong field, Ortmann came to a clear 9-2 against British Daryl Peach. In a nervewracking semi-final before, he had beaten Dutch Niels Feijen with a score of 9-8, while Peach came to a 9-4 over Radoslaw Babica from Poland. In the overall-rankings, Thorsten Hohmann still leads the board despite an early out in Sindelfingen. Ortmann pushed away Swedish Tom Storm (now 6th) from Rank No 2. With Thomas Engert and Ralf Souquet following closely behind, the overallrankings now see four German players on the top-spots.

Tournament report courtesy of EPBF Tour. Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe