O’Sullivan Once again the Master’s Champion

Ronnie OSullivan

Ronnie O'Sullivan has once again shown the world that he is the master of the long green. He has captured, in scintillating style, his fourth World Masters Championship by defeating a very game Mark Selby by the score of 10 frames to 8. 

All snooker fans know that to win a tournament in snooker is no small feat. A 'frame' is a single rack and can take 20 minutes or longer to complete, though some famous runs have occurred in much less time. But if each frame takes 20 minutes then a match that comprises 18 frames is going to require the endurance to remain focused and steady for somewhere around 6 hours. There is a break taken in the middle of the match, but snooker matches require endurance and are not often won by fluke.

O'Sullivan has proven himself to be one of the greatest players the game has ever seen. While he sometimes sends the officials of the game reeling, as he did last year with his on-camera comments in China about oral sex, no one has ever questioned his abilities with the cue.

Mark Selby had gone through the brackets undefeated to reach the finals and was solidly on his game. He kept pace with O'Sullivan through the first session and went to the break tied at 4 frames apiece. In the second session the two players exchanged frames and wound up tied again at 8 frames each. But then O'Sullivan took advantage of the opportunities that defending champion Selby provided him and, after midnight, claimed the title as his own.