Ouschan and Fisher End Year With #1 Rankings

With the last ranking event of the year now completed, Albin Ouschan of Austria has emerged as the Number 1 player in the men’s division, and Kelly Fisher of Great Britain as the Number 1 player in the women’s division.

Albin capped off a great year by winning the final event, the International 9-Ball Championship held in Norfolk Virginia, and of course earlier in the year won the Matchroom produced World 9-Ball Championship in England. A couple of other young players to mention for having a great year include Aloysius Yapp of Singapore at Number 2, and Omar Al Shaheen from Kuwait at Number 5.

Kelly Fisher ended as the leading female player for 2021. With Covid limiting the options that the women had as far as events to compete in, the only event on the 2021 points list was the 2021 Austria Open, which was won by Fisher. The lack of events should certainly not distract from Kelly’s #1 ranking, as she is the reigning Women’s World 9-Ball Champion and is consistently around the top spot every year.

The WPA is looking forward to 2022 where there are expected to be quite a number of events, a busier calendar than normal with extra events by Matchroom and Predator. It will be great to see players from all countries being able to compete. This year players from Asia were severely penalized by not being able to travel abroad.