Ouschan and Poikkijoki battled it out again

l.to r: Sandra Baumgartner, Jasmin Ouschan, Marika Poikkijoki and Riikka Saaranen
Portoroz, Slovenia:
In the women's team event, Team Austria with Sandra Baumgartner and Jasmin Ouschan defeated Team Finland, consisting of Marika Poikkijoki and Riikka Saaranen with 2:0. The format is easy. Two players per Team, the disciplines are 8-ball and 9-ball. Either one team wins 2:0 or there will be a shootout at the end which decides the winner.

Baumgartner and Saaranen met in 9-ball. It was a clear matter for Baumgartner.
She dominated her opponent from start to finish and won comfortably with 7:3. At that point in time, Ouschan lead 3:1 over her bogey player Poikkijoki. Everything looked ok for Team Austria. But Poikkijoki really seems to be Ouschan's nightmare. She would not allow Ouschan to get away with the victory. Instead, she gave her a hard time and put her under pressure. It worked. Ouschan started missing balls and all of a sudden, the score was 5:5. Poikkijoki was at the table in the deciding rack when she ran out of position. She tried to play safety but did not succeed. This time, Ouschan kept calm and ran the rack to win the match with 6:5. This was also the 2:0 victory for Team Austria.

In the men's division, Team Germany defeated Team Russia with 2:1. Tomorrow, the team competition will continue. The 9-ball quarter-finals will be played at 15:00 CET.