Ouschan back on top of AzB Player Ranking

Jasmin Ouschan

Jasmin Ouschan has made it very clear that one of her main goals is to compete on an equal basis with the men. She proved this week that she could do that on the AzBilliards Player Ranking list.

Ouschan rode her win at the WPBA Carolina Classic to a first place placement on the Player Ranking List. With Ouschan moving up, Shane Van Boening dropped two players from first to third place.

Ralf Souquet, Allison Fisher and Corey Deuel remained in their top five positions.

Other players earning big jumps this week included Line Kjorsvik who climbed 171 places into 10th, Yu Ram Cha who moved from 120th place to 15th place and Anna Kostanian who climbed from 90th to 18th place.

The AzB Player Rankings are based completely on website user's interest in a player on a week to week basis. Rankings are updated every week.