Ouschan, Deklerck and Stepanov earn 8-Ball Gold

Photo courtesy of Markus Hofstatter - http://appb.markus-hofstaetter.at/

The 8-Ball Events are complete at the European Championships and Jasmin Ouschan has now swept the 14.1, 10-ball and 8-ball divisions; something that has never been done at this event.

The ladies division came down to Jasmin and Line Kjorsvik. Ouschan defeated Tamara Rademakers and Monica Margeta to get to the finals, while Kjorsvik eliminated Kynthia Orfandis and Gerda Hofstatter

As would be expected in a match between such high power competitors, the final match went to hill-hill before Jasmin pocketed the last 8-ball for her third gold medal of these events.

The wheelchair division also saw a hill-hill final as Kurt Deklerck defeated Kenrik Larsson in the finals. Joini Tahti and Karl Read both won Bronze Medals for their third place finishes.

The men's division saw Konstantin Stepanov win matches against Zoran Svilar and Francisco Sanchez to get to the finals, where he met Marcus Chamat. Chamat had wins over Karol Skowerski and 14.1 Gold Medalist David Alcaide on his way to the finals.

The final match was another close one, with Stepanov scoring the 8-6 win for the Gold Medal. 

The final event is 9-ball in all three divisions, where Ouschan will try to accomplish the "unheard of" feat of winning all four gold medals.