Ouschan In the Final

Albin Ouschan (AUT) Foto: EPBF/AMM

Hard times for Melling

Saturday, 03 March 2012: In the first semi-final match of the Dynamic Bosnia & Herzegovina Open, Albin Ouschan (AUT) defeated Chris Melling with 9:5.

The match was tough for Melling at all times. He seemed to struggle with the conditions in the TV arena since he did not perform by far the way one would have expected him to. On the other hand, Ouschan was playing smooth and easy. He had nothing to lose. When asked about him defeating Appleton and Melling in a row after the match, he replied “I would have been happy to become 5th in this tournament.” He adapted to the playing conditions and simply played his game and benefitted from Melling's mistakes. And there were quite a few of them. He played a foul shot in the 9th rack with the score being 3:6 for Ouschan already. He fouled again in the 11th rack and gave his opponent to reach the hill which Ouschan did. At a score of 8:3 in favour of the Austrian, Melling tried to launch a comeback and things looked quite promising for him. Until the 14th rack came along. Melling broke but had no ball down. Ouschan found himself without a shot at the 1-ball so he played a safety shot. Melling replied that with another safety shot nut it was not executed well. Ouschan managed to pocket a ball off Melling's safety and finished the rack, the match and Melling, winning 9:5.

The next semi-final will be played between Nick van den Berg (NED) and Dimitri Jungo (SUI) at 16:30 local time.

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