Ozone Billiards Sponsors ACUI 2009 National Collegiate 9-Ball Championship

Ozone Billiards has been committed to supporting the billiards industry and
youth education, regardless of the economic climate.  Ozone Billiards has
recently committed to becoming the presenting sponsor for the Association of
College Unions International's 2009 National Collegiate 9-Ball Championship.
By sponsoring this event, Ozone Billiards is helping billiard players from
more than 600 colleges and universities participate in regional and national
tournaments. Students will have a chance to become tournament champions and
possibly to receive one the five different scholarships that will be awarded
as a result of this sponsorship.  
"Once we heard that ACUI needed a sponsor, we felt it was our
responsibility to support them as one of the leaders in the billiards
industry," Ozone Billiards President Shawn Gargano stated. "We believe that
these young adults are not only the future for billiards, but also the
future of our country.  Through our sponsorship, we are able to foster in
them a passion for billiards while helping them to continue their

During the last two weekends in February, ACUI will hold regional recreation
tournaments featuring 9-ball billiards in 14 locations throughout the United
States. Participants in the national tournament must first compete in these
qualifying events. Specific dates and details about eligibility and
registration can be found at www.acui.org/programs/student.

ACUI collegiate championship tournaments are designed to contribute to the
social, physical, mental, and emotional development of students and
professionals. ACUI further promotes its core value of community through its
recreation and leisure activities program. To learn more about the ACUI
visit, www.acui.org.

Ozone Billiards has been providing pool players with top quality billiard
products for more than eight years. Its commitment to customer service has
helped Ozone Billiards grow to be one of the largest retailers of billiard
supplies in the United States. For more information about Ozone Billiards
and its product lines, visit www.ozonebilliards.com.