Ozone Billiards Sponsors BEF Junior Nationals Scholarships

The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) is pleased to  announce  that  Ozone
Billiards will  sponsor  the  Junior  Nationals  Scholarship  awards.  Ozone
Billiards is one of the nation's largest retailers  of  billiards  supplies.
They continue  to  strengthen  our  sport  by  pledging  to  sponsor  junior
billiard programs. “We are grateful for the  commitment  and  generosity  of
Ozone Billiards in promoting education and encouraging  the  development  of
billiards among youth,” said Tom Riccobene, President of the BEF.

“Ozone Billiards is  committed  to  growth  of  the  billiards  industry  by
investing in our youth.  We are proud to be part of the Billiards  Education
Foundation and we are honored to be able  to  assist  these  young  men  and
women achieve a higher education. Our  scholarship  commitment  to  the  BEF
will  not  be  a  one  year  commitment.   We  plan  on   supporting   these
scholarships for many years,”  stated  Shawn  Gargano,  President  of  Ozone

The 22nd Annual  Junior  National  9-Ball  Championships  will  be  held  at
Northern Illinois University (NIU), July 7-11,  2010.  The  Ozone  Billiards
BEF Junior Nationals Scholarship awards will benefit  the  top  8  finishers
within the 4 division event. Over 100 junior billiard athletes,  ages  7-19,
will  be  competing  for  scholarships,  prizes  and   an   opportunity   to
participate in the World Pool-Billiard Association  (WPA)  World  Junior  9-
Ball  Championships.  Please  visit   www.billiardeducation.org   for   more

About Billiard Education Foundation:
The  Billiard  Education  Foundation  (BEF)  is   a   501(c)(3)   non-profit
organization which is committed to promoting education  and  encourages  the
development of life skills through youth billiard programs.  The  BEF  funds
academic scholarships, produces the Junior  National  9-Ball  Championships,
sponsors  billiard  athletes  to  attend  the  WPA   World   Junior   9-Ball
Championships and promotes “Pool In School” programs. For more  information,
please visit www.BilliardEducation.org or call 303.926.1039.