Ozone Billiards Sponsors the Viking Cue 9 Ball Tours

Ozone Billiards is pleased to announce their participation as a sponsor of the Viking Cue 9 Ball Tours for the 2008-2009 seasons. Ozone Billiards hopes their involvement with the tour will be of great benefit to all of the players and host locations on the tour.

Ozone Billiards has been providing top quality service and unbeatable prices to players and billiards enthusiasts for years. As one of the largest Viking Cue dealers in the nation, Ozone is extremely excited to be working hand in hand with the Viking Tours and extending their already superior relationship.

Not only is Ozone Billiards the leading retailer for billiard supplies and accessories their unmatched pricing and return guarantee has been taking the industry by storm. They offer an unheard of 90-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee, even on chalked cues and shafts. “With this kind of flexibility, it provides the customer the confidence and reassurance that they will receive the absolute best products.,” says Derek Dubois, Ozone's Marketing Assistant.

For more information about Ozone Billiards please visit: http://www.ozonebilliards.com

About the Viking Tours: The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour was founded in 1994 as an Ohio based tour. Over the years it has grown significantly to include many regions of the US. It is currently the largest and longest running Open regional billiards tour in the USA. The Viking Tours consist of four separate tours: The Viking Cue Open, Amateur, Ladies and Junior 9-Ball Tours. Combined, the tours offer approximately 141 tournament events each tour season for players from beginning to professionals to compete in. Player and business associate members are offered many outstanding benefits that separate the Viking Tours from any other tour in the USA. These benefits include: Healthcare insurance, Free entry fees for Ladies and Junior players, Discounts to Military Personnel, Senior Citizens and Pool League Players.

For more information about sponsoring, participating in or hosting Viking Tour events contact the tour at vikingtour2@yahoo.com or call 1-800-200-POOL .

Visit the Viking Tours web page at: http://www.vikingcue.com/9balltour.htm