Pagulayan and Archer remain unbeaten in Canada

Alex Pagulayan

Former champions Alex Pagulayan and Johnny Archer are still on a collision course for the finals of the 2006 SML 9-Ball Open, but just barely.

2004 champion Johnny Archer needed a little luck to get by American Shane Van Boening in an early match on Thursday. The match was tied at 10-10 with Van Boening breaking, but a scratch on the break was Van Boening's undoing as Archer ran out the final rack to remain undefeated.

Archer will face Stan Tourangeau in his next match, while Van Boening has a match with Jordan Rothermel on the one loss side. Other winner's side matches are Alex Pagulayan vs Erik Hjorliefson, Alain Martel vs Jason Klatt and Luc Salvas vs Dennis Orcollo.

Brackets are updated with all match results and will be updated until a winner is crowned this weekend.

Photo courtesy of Christina Ryan