Pagulayan falls at US Open Day Two

Larry Kressel (Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe)

As day two of the 35th Annual US Open 9-Ball Championship winds down, one of the bigger upsets of the day was Larry Kressel's 11-8 win over former US Open Champion Alex Pagulayan

That was only one of the upsets though. Other surprises included Dan Heidrich's 11-2 win over former champion John Schmidt and Chris Orme's 11-8 win over Roberto Gomez

Nick Varner was up to his old tricks and he came out of the gate slow and trailed Finland's Olli Turkulainen 4-1 before winning 10 of the next 13 games for the 11-7 victory. After his win over Antonio Lining on day one, Rory Hendrickson was looking to add another notch to his cue case against David Alcaide. Hendrickson came out to an early 5-3 lead before Alcaide took control and won seven straight games. At 10-5, Hendrickson made one last surge and won four straight games before Alcaide put him away 11-9.

The ladies did not fare so well on day two with only Ewa Laurance winning a match against Bill Mason in the afternoon, but then losing to Chip Klein in the final session of the evening. 

Tuesday action will all be on the one loss side as the undefeated players get the day off. 

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