Pagulayan leads Joss Tour Sunday Action

Alex Pagulayan

The Joss Northeast Tour event at Cap's Cue Club in Syracuse, NY is down to six players with Alex Pagulayan playing Ian Costello from Albany, NY for the hot seat.

The matches on the one loss side are Danny Hewitt vs Gary Empey and Dan Doerner vs Tom D'Alfonso. Both Empey and D'Alfonso just lost matches on the winners side this morning.

We will have a complete report from this event later today, when the action wraps up.

Incomplete Payouts:

1st $1200
2nd $780
3rd $600
4th $450
5th/6th $300
7th/8th Dave Grau, Mario Morra $175
9th/12th John Farrara, Jeff Montgomery, Jody Matheson, Brian Holmes $100