Pagulayan out, Robles in at IPT Challenge Match

Tony Robles will take Pagulayan's place and face Karl Boyes

The International Pool Tour announces that Alex Pagulayan will not be playing in the challenge match against Karl Boyes on June 24, 2008.  Pagulayan's management informed the IPT today that he  lost his passport. In a statement released by management at Puyat Sports, Pagulayn said "I am very sorry but I will not be able to make to the exhibition match this coming Tuesday, June 24th. I lost my passport in a car mishap last week. I have applied for a replacement of his passport with the Canadian embassy and the foreign affairs department here in Manila."  The International Pool Tour wished Pagulayan good luck in resolving his passport issue.

Replacing Pagulayan will be professional pool player Tony Robles.  Mr. Robles contacted the IPT several days ago about taking part in a future broadcast. When the IPT was informed of Pagulayan's inability to participate, "Robles seemed like the natural choice" said Deno Andrews, Director of the International Pool Tour. Andrews also said that "we are delighted that Mr. Robles flew across the country on hours notice to participate. Tony is a true champion and one of the game's nicest people." The IPT thanks Mr. Robles for his participation.
The match airs live at Tuesday, June 24th, at 8pm (eastern). The match is free for all viewers.