Pan-American Championships underway

The Panamerican Championships began July 12, in Rosario, Argentina, with some of the best Latin American and Caribbean Players of the American Continent. For the Men's Championship Ernesto Dominguez, Mauro Ibarra, Enrique Rojas, Jose Luis Perez, Gustavo Espinosa, Alejandro Carvajal, Ernesto Deud, and other great Champions from participating countries are all vying for one of five spots to the World Pool Championships to be held this year in the Phillipines.

For the Women's Championship theres is a strong field of National Champions from several countries vying against the 2005 Champ - Mirjana Grujicic, 2004 Champ - Adriana Villar, 2003 Champ - Laura Famin, and 2002 Champ - Soledad Contreras. These 4 women have dominated the Panamerican Championships since it's inception, with Adriana Villar having 3 runner-up trophies in her resume.

The Panamerican Championships includes a Team Championship and a Junior Championship, therefore, the playing extends until Sunday, July 17th.

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