Parica comes back for Blaze Tour Win

Owner Rob Pole, winner Jose Parica and owner Sammy Wu

Blaze 9 Ball Tour Stop # 20 was hosted by Skyline Billiards in Brooklyn NY, This event took place on July 14th & 15th. A strong field of 47 came out to play, including players like Jose Parica, Shin Park, Dennis Orcollo, Warren Kiamco, Ginky, Chavez, Mike Davis, Nico Otterman, Sebastian Staab and Tony Rodriquez.

Leading the top half of the bracket was Shin Park with wins over Matt Krah 9-4, Al Lapena 9-6, Nico Ottermann 9-5 and Chavez 9-5. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Jose Parica with wins over Ray Lee 9-4, Marc Vidal 9-4, Rob Pole 9-4, George San Souci 9-8, and Warren Kiamco 9-7.

Playing for the hot seat was Shin Park vs Jose Parica. This was a great match that went back and forth with Shin Park pulling off a 9-7 win and sending Jose Parica to the one loss side. Waiting for Jose Parica on the one loss side was Warren Kiamco, but it was all Parica as he ran away with the match 7-1 to get back to the finals.

In the finals it was Shin Park vs Jose Parica, this event was a true double elimination so Jose Parica had to Shin Park twice. Shin Park jumped out to a 6-1 lead but Parica never gave up and won the match on the hill 9-8. In the second set it was all Jose Parica winning the match and the tournament easily 7-4.