Parica wins SoCal 14.1 Tournament

We had a field of 45 players arrive on Saturday morning to enjoy and support Straight Pool.  Some of the higher caliber players included the likes of Jose Parica, Ernesto Dominguez, Dave Hemmah, and Oscar Dominguez.  This event was enjoyed by players and fans alike.  The Tournament Room at Hard Times was filled with fans sweating the matches till the very end.

Here are the Results:
1st – Jose Parica ($1200.)
2nd – Oscar Dominguez ($525.)
3rd – Lorry DeLeon ($400.)
4th – Skip Miller ($300.)
5th – Ernesto Dominguez ($225.)
6th – Frank “The Barber” Almanza ($225.)
7th – Dennis Burman ($150.)
8th – Andrew McKinn ($150.)
9th – Calvin Coker ($100.)
10th – Dave Hemmah ($100.)
11th – Don Harp ($100.)
12th – Danny Petralba ($100.)

High Run Winner (Sponsored by Danny Kuykendall of Danny K's in Orange, CA):
Ernesto Dominguez 58 ($100.)  

Final – This match had everything that a fan could want in a Final.  The match went back and forth with safety battles and come from behind runs.  At one point Jose Parica had the lead in the 14 rack with a score of 111-67 when, all of a sudden, Jose misses a bank in the side pocket.  Oscar steps up to the table and makes a game out of this match with a 37 ball run to bring the score to 111-104.  In the 17th rack Oscar was not able to spread the rack and was forced to play safe.  Safety battles were exchanged as well as fouls (intentional and unintentional).  Eventually, Jose was able to squeak by with the win 125-117.

I would like to extend a special thanks to the Tournament Staff; Tournament Director Michael Piyasombun, Tournament Referee Wayne Norcross, Table Assistant Nick Poodenpah, Hard Times Manager Elias Valles and all the staff of Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, CA.  I would, also, like to send a thank you to Danny Kuykendall for sponsoring the High Run Bonus in this event.