Parker double dips Muse to take Stop # 5 of NE 9-Ball Series

Ryan Parker

Ryan Parker and Joe Muse played three times during Stop # 5 on the NE 9-Ball Series Tour, held at Schemengee's Billiards, in Lewiston, ME on Sunday, November 14.  In winning two of the three in the event finals, Parker took first place in the $100-added event which had drawn 27 entrants to Schemengee's.

They met first in the hot seat match, after Parker had sent Terry McDermott west 7-2, and Muse had sent Nick Conner over in a handicapped 4-4 victory. Muse chalked up the win in their first of three, with a double hill win that left him in the hot seat.

First up for McDermott on the one-loss side was Quoc Din, who'd defeated Ernest Porell 5-4 and Brad Pepin 5-3 to face him. Conner drew Corey Tapley, who'd advanced past Randy Marcott 6-2 and Rich O'Leary 5-3. Quoc Din made McDermott's one-loss side campaign brief with a 7-2 win, as Conner dropped Tapley into the tie for fifth place 6-3. Conner repeated that score in his quarterfinal victory over Din that gave him a crack at Parker in the semifinals.

Parker dominated that semifinal match, winning 4-1, and turning back for a true double elimination against Muse. They played 13 games in two sets, with Parker winning 10 of the 13 games and both of the sets; 5-1 in the opener and 5-2 in the clinching final set.

The next scheduled event, set for November 21, at Legends Billiards in Portsmouth, NH, will be conducted under the auspices of the tour's new Lucasi Hybrid sponsors. The tour will henceforth be called the Lucasi Hybrid New England 9-Ball Series (see related article on our front page).