Pat Fleming asks “What are you waiting for?”

Do you plan on being a contestant?
As of today, we have 83 players signed up. We expect to fill the field of 160. Entry
fees are going to come in fast, so please don’t be left out! Does anyone really want to
be on the “waiting list”?
Do you plan on being a spectator?
There are still some great TV Arena seats available, but they are going fast. Look at
the floor plan and select a guaranteed seat for your entire stay.
Do you plan on staying at the Sheraton Waterside Norfolk Hotel?
The hotel rooms may be sold out very soon for some of the tournament days. The
$103 special room rate is still available. Book your room now or you might end up
saying “Where will I stay on Friday night?”
Are you still waiting for your Visa?
If you received your formal invitation and you are still waiting for your visa, I suggest
that you pay your entry fee and book your hotel room NOW, or else it may be too late
to be listed as a paid entry. If you still need a formal invitation, contact me now!
Special Notice for ONE-POCKET and BANKS:
We will stage two extra tournaments, one 8-player One-Pocket and one 8-player
Banks event that will not interfere with the 9-Ball schedule. Interested? Call me.
How do I make these arrangements, you ask?
To Become a Contestant:
To Reserve TV Arena seats:
To Reserve a Hotel Room:
For more information about the event, go to
If you still have questions, there is only one person to call.
Call Pat Fleming at 973-838-7089. How easy is that?