Patent Awarded to Simonis X-1

Libertylille, IL

The Simonis X-1® has been awarded its first patent: #D644704 by the USPTO. 

"When we introduced the Simonis X-1® chalk dust removal tool, we knew we had created something unique", stated Ivan Lee, President of Iwan Simonis, Inc "Now, the United States Patent and Trademark Office agrees with us." 

Simonis introduced the revolutionary product to the U.S. late in 2009 and it has become a must-have for billiard enthusiasts as it delivers on its promises of cleaner tables and longer cloth life.

The cleaner has also found a home in commercial rooms where it can be used almost silently between or even during games while not disturbing players at surrounding tables. 

Visit the X-1 page on the Simonis Cloth website:

Visit the Simonis X-1® Website:

Simonis continues to innovate products that increase players enjoyment of the games.

Authentic. Accurate. Always. ®  Simonis Cloth.  

 About Simonis Cloth:

Founded in Verviers Belgium in 1680, Simonis is the oldest and most respected name in the billiard industry and the only textile mill in the world dedicated to the production of cloth for cue-sports. Known worldwide as the truest playing cloth, Simonis increases your enjoyment by allowing you to play your best. Contact Iwan Simonis, Inc in the U.S. at 847-549-6109 or visit us at