PBDF Formed to help Pinoy Pool Players

Marlon Manalo has already pledged his support of the organization

MANILA, PHILIPPINES---THE newly-formed Philippines Billiards Development Foundation (PBDF) may be the answer fledging Pinoy pool players have been waiting for.

Jun Diokno and Willie "Hoops" Aldeguer, the main proponents of PBDF, said that they aim to recruit 10 (ten) class A players and 10 (ten) junior players to form the national training pool.

This early, Marlon Manalo, who placed third in the 2005 Taiwan World Pool Championships third placer, has signified his intention to support the foundation.

"I will support PBDF because they aim for the welfare of the Filipino pool player, no self interest and own agenda. In fact no cut or commission on winnings," said Manalo, who is set to play in the coming 3rd IPT 8-Ball Challenge match.

Ramon "Maestro Monching" Mistica also supports the PBDF, " Like Marlon (Manalo) I also support PBDF because they also provide free lawyer in case of any problems of a player. said Mistica, who beat Filipino legendary Jose "Amang" Parica in the mid 80's.

Meanwhile, the conditions of PBDF that will surely benefit to the local player with "no self interest" are monthly expense for each player, chargeable to future winnings; no cut or commission on winnings; must submit to training program; BSCP full support in entering tournaments (local or abroad) and won't hold your prize money and the important they will also provide free lawyer in case of any problems.

"Billiards and Snooker Congress of the Philippines (BSCP) welcomes and endorses the program of the Philippine Billiards Development Foundation to recruit and train Pinoy pool players. This assures quality RP players for national and international tournaments." said in a text message from BSCP headed by its president Ernesto "Ernie" Fajardo.

File photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe