Peach eliminates Bustamante in controversial match

Day eight of the 2007 World Pool Championship has erupted with controversy as a bad hit foul was called on Francisco Bustamante
as he pocketed what he thought was a 3-9 carom to win his match against England's Daryl Peach.

Bustamante had clawed back from 8-4 down, and taken the lead at 10-9. Two balls were made on the break by Bustamante, but as he shot the two ball amidst the click of cameras all around him, Bustamante's cue ball bumped the 9-ball and left him hooked on the three. Bustamante kicked at the three ball and it appeared as if he had pulled off a miraculous 3-9 kick carom to win the match. No immediate call was made and Bustamante was celebrating with his countrymen when referee Nigel Rees when to the tv monitor to review the shot.

Although the vocal crowd of Filipino fans were not in agreement, all neutral onlookers could see that the cue ball hit the 9-ball first. Rees reviewed the shot from all angles before calling the shot a foul, but the controversy was not over yet.

Peach took a five minute time out to calm his nerves and Bustamante requested an immediate meeting with the tour director. Eventually, all was sorted out and the correct call was made. Peach was awarded ball-in-hand and he calmed his nerves enough to run out that rack and then the next.

Bustamante, obviously dejected, congratulated Peach after the win and did not have any comment for the media at the event.

Peach commented "The audience was so involved in manipulating a decision, but I knew". "I can go all the way. Now the final seems close and realistic. Me as World Champion, I think I can learn to like that" Peach continued.

Tournament director Thomas Overbeck commented after the match, "Nigel Reese made a correct and the best call to ask to rerun the TV shots right away. A referee can and must use every means available to make the best possible decision, and that is what he did.".

Peach will face Hungarian Vilmos Foldes later today with the winner advancing to the finals on Sunday. Foldes scored a dominating 11-7 win over Mika Immonen in his match today. Peach is currently a 4/7 favorite over Foldes at

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