Perfect Practice with Darren Appleton

Darren Appleton
The Action Report is proud to announce the newest TAR project is now available: The TAR Instructional Series: Perfect Practice with Darren Appleton presented by Predator Cues. This instructional video features World Champion Darren Appleton presenting his point of view on how and what to practice to improve your game. It features eleven different drills as well as some great information on the mental game of playing like a champion. Andrew Cleary shot and edited the project with the great production quality his work his known for in the industry.
Predator Cues sponsored this project and TAR is proud to be associated with one of the premier companies in the pool world. Everyone at TAR thanks them for their support.
TAR would like to thank Darren, Andrew and Predator Cues for making this project happen. We believe it will provide a great insight into how a champion trains to perform at the highest level. The video is ninety minutes in length with multiple camera angles and is now available on the TAR Video On Demand service for $20. You can watch the video on any computer or mobile device and download it to keep. It is available at: as well the TAR home page at