Mike Davis

Iron Mike Nickname
1975-01-13 Birthdate
USA Country
Hagerstown, MD Residence


Mr. Davis first discovered his love for pool while working in a pool room where the owner allowed him free pool time. He quickly found that he had a natural knack for the game. Mike Davis is known for his unorthodox stroke, but the results of his techniques are unarguably strong.  Davis is the two time Reno Open winner.  He took second place in the 2011 World 14.1 tournament.  Davis has also been dominating the East Coast by winning over 100 regional tournaments, some of which include the Joss, Action, Mezz and Poison tours.  Mike has a friendly and professional demeanor at the table, but his opponents are still weary as they can feel Mike’s drive to win with every match.  Mike is nothing less than friendly and willing to chat with anyone off the table.  He has certainly earned his reputation as being a genuinely nice guy.  Mike developed a love for the game from his father at a very early age.  With Mike’s continued hard work, dedication and competitive nature, Mike will continue to flourish and succeed in tournament play.