Willie Mosconi

1913-06-27 Birthdate
USA Country
World Champion BCA Hall Of Famer


For most people, the name Willie Mosconi and the sport of Pocket Billiards are synonymous. And rightly so, since from 1940 to 1957 Mosconi had a near-stranglehold on the World Title, winning it 15 times in that period. Born in Philadelphia in 1913, Willie was a prodigy with the cue by the age of seven. At 20, he embarked on a hectic cross-country exhibition tour with his idol, Ralph Greenleaf, then World Champ and at the height of his game. The result, 57 wins for Greenleaf, an amazing 50 wins for the young Mosconi. One of the most astounding of Mosconi's many records is his longstanding exhibition high run of 526 balls!