Philippine Trial Court grants BSCP Restraining Order

The board and officers of the Billiards & Snooker Congress of the Philippines welcome the decision of the Makati Regional Trial Court to grant our petition for a Temporary Restraining Order on the group of Aristeo Puyat and Arturo Ilagan from representing themselves as officers of our national sports association (NSA).

It is significant that the court asserted its full jurisdiction over this intra-corporate dispute within the BSCP, and rejected the claim of the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) of absolute jurisdiction over NSA matters. This is at the root of all current NSA controversies in the country today – the arrogation of powers that do not belong to the POC president and POC executive board.

We have been saying from the first that the supposed March 31, 2009 BSCP election sponsored by the POC leadership was irregular and contrary to all the rules and regulations under the Philippine Corporation Code. The persons seeking to take over the BSCP have contributed nothing to the programs and events of the association, and haven't had even the time to attend its meetings and tournaments. That they are being gifted with control of the BSCP by Mr. Jose Cojuangco is one more perversity prevailing in national sports governance today.

Our case now moves on to the hearing of our petition for a preliminary injunction by the Makati Regional Trial Court on June 5. We are confident of winning this court action because it is only right and just that those who have labored long and hard for the BSCP should govern its affairs and its future.