Players Advance/Stumble At WPC

Ralf Souquet

Filipino favorite Efren Reyes has qualified for the single elimination stage two by defeating Indonesia's Roy Apancho. Although Reyes lost to American Tony Crosby in his first match on day one, he scored wins over Poland's Radoslaw Babica and Apancho for a 2-1 record. Crosby also ended with a 2-1 record, but failed to advance due to the "racks won" tiebreaker.

Other players advancing to round two include Ralf Souquet, Marcus Chamat, Fong-Pang Chao, Ramil Gallego, Michael Schmidt, Joern Kaplan and Daryl Peach.

Leading the players whose dreams of a 2006 World Championship are over is American Rodney Morris. Morris only managed one win in his group and will not move on to the next round. Other players failing to advance include Neils Feijen, Leonardo Andam, Alex Lely, Young-Hwa Jeong and Robb Saez.

The vast majority of players will have to sweat Tuesday's matches before they know their tournament fate. US Open surprise Darren Appleton is just one of the players whose fate does not entirely rest on his own playing. Appleton is tied for 2nd place in group 10 with 1 win, but he trails Prince Billah from Brunei by racks won. Appleton must make up those two racks in his match against Jharome Pena and cheer for Francisco Bustamante to defeat Billah.

Other players who are not assured of spots in the second round include Mika Immonen, Gandy Valle, Nick van den Berg, Dennis Orcollo, Earl Strickland, Oliver Ortmann, Santos Sambajon.