Players Championship Day One

Shane Van Boening

After one day of matches at th Pro Player Championship, we still have forty seven players, but the one loss side is packed with top talent.

The list of top players on the one loss side already includes Darren Appleton, Rodney Morris, Jonathan Pinegar, Tony Crosby, Johnny Archer, Tony Robles, Mika Immonen, Dennis Hatch, Stevie Moore, Jose Parica and last year's runner-up Shaun Wilkie. Wilkie lost a hill-hill decision to defending Champion Shane Van Boening on Thursday. Wilkie led the match by two games late in the contest, but was unable to get over the finish line at the end.

One player who is still undefeated is Oscar Dominguez. Dominguez started his compaign with a 10-3 win over Adam Smith, and ended day one with a come-from-behind 10-7 win over Jonathan Pinegar. Dominguez will face Frankie Hernandez on Friday.

Other winners side matches on Friday will be ...

John Schmidt vs Shawn Putnam (Putnam won a tight 10-9 match with Jose Parica on Thursday night)
Mike Davis vs Dominic Jentsch
Marcus Chamat vs Shane Van Boening
Brandon Shuff vs Corey Deuel
Ralf Souquet vs Gabe Owen
Hunter Lombardo vs Al Lapena
Charlie Bryant vs Charlie Williams

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